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3 Test Attempts

Use Our Truck

Alleviate Test Delays

Following the completion of the CDL training course, the next requirement is to successfully pass a skills test. The CDL Montana program at Missoula College is a state-approved 3rd Party testing examiner with the authority to conduct this test. This allows drivers to undertake their skills test using the same truck they trained on, right on the same campus. The skills test covers in-cabin, pre-trip, backing, and road assessments.

Comprehensive Skills Test Includes:

  • In-cabin, pre-trip, backing, and road test
  • 3 attempts included (reapply for additional attempts)
  • Montana Commercial Driver Learner’s Permit required (Out-of-State drivers not accepted)

Say Goodbye to Waiting Woes

Waiting for your skills test can be a frustrating experience, especially when time is of the essence. We understand the importance of getting your Commercial Driver’s License efficiently, and that’s why CDL Montana is excited to announce a game-changing solution.

Schedule Online for Ultimate Convenience

Gone are the days of long wait times and uncertain scheduling. With CDL Montana, you can now easily schedule your skills test online directly with our examiners at https://cdlmontana.com/cdl-testing/.

Requirements and Contact Information

To schedule your skills test, a Montana Commercial Driver Learner’s Permit is required (Out-of-State drivers not accepted). Contact us today to book your skills test at our third-party testing facility.

Are you tired of waiting endlessly for your CDL skills test? CDL Montana has the solution to streamline your testing process, providing you with the convenience of scheduling your skills test without unnecessary delays. Don’t let delays and long wait times hinder your progress. Schedule your skills test with CDL Montana now and experience a smoother path to obtaining your Commercial Driver’s License. Your success is our priority!

Contact us to schedule your skills test at our third party testing facility today!

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